How do we find Professional Service Providers?

For your Peace-of-mind: Every Pro on our website goes through Prescreened process which is including checking review/rank platforms across the internet and finding the most valuable and best ranking Pro contractors. Also, we take into consideration years in business, recognition and awards by industry leading companies such as Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor and etc. You save your time and money, and our reputable Pro contractors find another valuable customer for their business.

How does ProServices4Home works?

ProServices4Home connects users with one or more Professional Service Providers for various services such as electrical, plumbing, appliance repairs, carpet cleaning, handyman repairs and many more.

How do I contact Pro Service Provider?

You can contact your providers directly or by filling out the Schedule form on our web-site. Either one will work, we just here to help find you a reputable provider.

What will be next, after I sent the Service Request through Schedule appointment form?

After filling out our Schedule form, you will be contacted by local contractors in your area. The contractors can answer any questions you may have about their work.

Where is ProServices4Home available?

ProServices4Home is available only in Atlanta, GA area. We may extend our area of service in the future as soon as we will get on the board more Providers from different states.

How much does your service cost?

For now, this service is free of charge for our users.

Who/Where do I pay for service?

You will have to pay directly to your providers at the time when project/repair is done.

Do you check license, insurances and etc for each of Providers?

No, we don’t check any of these. You will have to request it before an appointment directly from Providers. As we mentioned before, we only check their reviews - reputation across the internet, and in most cases those reviews speak for them-selves more than anything.

How can I trust the Pro service provider coming to my home?

Every Pro Service Provider on our web-site goes through Prescreened process. Additionally, we have a review system on our website which is done by other members who have used these services.

What if the service went bad or you have some issue with it?

Any claims or any issues must be resolved directly with Service Providers. If you can’t resolve an issue with service provider directly, you will have to go through BBB (Better Business Bureau) or through your state court, and file the claim with them.

Do I need to register on your website before scheduling or for leaving a review?

No, you don’t have to register on our website. You can simple fill out the schedule form and get connected with Pro Service Providers. After completion of service, we encourage you to come back to our website and leave a review for service provider- registration is not required. However, all reviews would go through approval process.

Where do I need to email with any of questions, concerns or issues in regards your website?

Please address all your questions, concerns or issues to our support team at ProServices4Home@gmail.com