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The Most Common House Plumbing issues

November 9, 2017    
Atlanta Plumbing Pro Service

One way to avoid any costly repairs (from appliance to plumbing repairs) at your home is a regular maintenance. The key on regular maintenance is to catch small problems before they grow. Routine Maintenance Tasks Check pipes and connectors under the sinks, tubs or toilets for any leaks or any signs of moisture. Check for signs of corrosion on brass or copper fittings; corrosion occurs more rapidly on damp metal, so corroded…    read more 

What are most common Electrical issues in the house?

November 3, 2017    
Electrical Service ProServices4Home.com

The electricity is the most important energy source for your house, without it, you won’t be able to do pretty much anything, no TV, no Lights, no working appliances etc. Most of home electrical issues show warning signs before becoming a serious and maybe even dangerous issue. We recommend that you should hire a Professional Electrician to address electrical issues to avoid dangerous situation that might lead to electrocution or property damage….    read more 

About ProServices4Home.com

October 23, 2017    
Atlanta Professional Service

Welcome to our website ProServices4Home.com As you already notice our website is similar to many other listing/leads websites on the market such as HomeAdvisor, Pro.com, Angies List and others. The main difference from others is that we prescreened our providers by checking their reputation online. We check every single providers profile on most popular reviews platforms such as Google.Business, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, BBB (Better Business Bureau), Yelp and many others. Our goal is…    read more 

What are Manufacturer Warranties on Major Brands?

October 21, 2017    

We do not provide any warranty and can’t give you a full information about it, the data below is only for informative purposes. Please call to your manufacturer first, or your home warranty to check on your terms, and see if they can take care of your issues.  The below table is a compilation of standard appliance manufacturer warranties for new appliances: For most manufacturer, it is usually one year warranty(Parts/Labor) from the…    read more 

What should you know about Lawn Care Services?

October 12, 2017    
Atlanta Lawn Care ProServices4home

Lawns Care should be performed regularly at the proper height and with a sharp mower blade for a clean cut to establish deep roots for your lawn to look fresh and clean. You may need to mow more than once a week during peak growth season from March to September. However, during periods of slow growth it may only need to be cut once or twice a month. Most Lawn Care companies…    read more 

10 most common issues with refrigerators and their symptoms.

October 1, 2017    
Atlanta Refrigerators Repairs

Well, refrigerators do not break every day, by the way, some of them from older generation can last up to 25-30 years. No surprise, in the past manufacture built much reliable appliances. We will list 10 most common issues with refrigerators and their symptoms. Please comment below, if you want to add anything. 1. The refrigerator does not run or coming up at all Check outlet Make sure the refrigerator is actually…    read more 

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company versus do-it-yourself

September 24, 2017    
ProServices4Home-Carpet cleaning

Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company versus do-it-yourself Most carpet cleaning companies offer a range of services: complete carpet cleaning, spot, stain and odor removing, but not all companies have the same type of service or method of cleaning. There are four methods for residential carpet cleaning: foam cleaning, shampooing, dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Most companies specialize in one so be sure to learn more about their techniques. There are pros and…    read more 

What Should You Know about HVAC System?

August 25, 2017    
ProServices4Home HVAC repair service

As almost every homeowner, you likely are not an expert in all things, but you should know a few basic things about your HVAC which is abbreviation for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems. This system maintains a reasonable temperature and air quality inside your home. Without a basic knowledge of what it does and especially how to maintain it, you could wind up wasting money and dealing with heavy-duty repairs. HVAC…    read more